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  1. Friends With Benefits System: Core System

    I'll learn 3 simple words that make beautiful women want to be my no-strings-attached "Sex Buddies", no matter my looks, age, income, or anything else! I'll get instant access to the secure private members site, where the videos are hosted in high definition!

  2. "Two Girls, One You": Secrets Of Setting Up Threesomes

    I'm also getting Mike's technique to find a bisexual girlfriend, so I can do threesomes with her and other girls every night of the week! My buddies will be green with envy when I show up at the BBQ with not one but TWO smoking hot babes on my arm!

  3. Daddy's Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age

    If I'm over 40, I'll learn tricks to make younger women see me as more desirable than guys their own age, and beg to be my f*** buddies! I'll never have to worry about aging again, because no matter how old or out of shape I get, I'll always have a beautiful girl in my bed!

  4. How To Get A F*** Buddy TONIGHT: The Need For Speed — Quick Start Video

    I'll discover a simple, intuitive method to get laid right now, and get my first friend with benefits TONIGHT!

  5. The 'Done For You' Texting System: How To Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed

    I'll never again lose a girl because I screwed up my text messages to her! I'll always know what to text her to get her to come over to my place to hook up! (Includes screenshots and word for word lines I can simply copy and paste!)

  6. Doggystyle On The First Date

    Plus, I'm also getting Mike's "Bulletrpoof Sex Date" Formula, allowing me to sleep with any girl I want on the very first date!

  7. Boyfriend Assassin

    I'll discover 1 "diabolical" persuasion technique borrowed from billion dollar advertising firms which will make any girl I talk to lose interest in her boyfriend, and start to view me as his replacement!

  8. Get Her H*rny With Humor

    And as if that wasn't enough, I'm also getting a simple guide to make any girl laugh... all the way into my bed! (I'll never run out of things to say again when I'm armed with these lines and techniques!)

Plus - Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed For 60 Days...

"You're protected by my no-hassle, 60 Day Guarantee. If you don't get a fun, cute 'bedroom buddy' using the Friends With Benefits System, just email me and I'll give you back every single penny!”

“In the past week, I have gotten laid with two HOT girls and it’s all thanks to you, dude!” 


I just wanted to say thank you. I first read your content about a month ago and started applying it to my life and to be honest I am very shocked with results. In the past week I got laid with two hot girls and all that thanks to you dude. You're the man.

- Dick

“Last night I met a girl on a Tinder date and within 45 mins I was f***ing her in a locked public park!”

Hi mate, just want to say I LOVE your emails.

There's so much bullshit in the dating advice/PUA sphere. I'm a member of a few “pickup” groups and I sometimes feel like I'm swamped in anything else than actually talking about how to f*** women. It's like people are still ashamed to admit they like sex with women. Let's discuss Buddhism instead!

Last night I met a girl on a tinder date and within 45 mins I was f***ing her in a locked public park. That's the reason I got into this! Anyway just a rant really keep up the good work, it's most appreciated.

- Ben

“I applied your teachings and got a girlfriend—I couldn’t be happier!” 

Hey man,

I actually applied many of the contents of your posts and got a girlfriend, we've been together for a year now, and I couldn't be happier. She's probably between a 7 and an 8 in looks, and that is fine, but I actually love her as a person and for who she is… The sex is great, we're always happy around each other, we push each other to be better people. Thanks again for writing these e-mails and caring about your followers. 

- Guillermo 

“Back in the game after 15 years divorced! A twenty-something year old girl threw herself at me today!”


I just wanted to let you know that after reading your articles for the last 2 months, I'm back in the game after 15 years divorced!

I’ve gone out of my way to chat up several women at grocery outlets where I work and lo and behold I've started talking to this 20 something girl and I've literally got her panties so wet that she threw herself at me today!

All I have to say is that you have resurrected my life and I'm a new f***ing man thanks to you!!!  P.S. If you ever need a place to stay in [redacted], send me the bill and I'll pay for it.

- Patrick

The Friends With Benefits System $69
"Two Girls, One You" Threesome Girlfriend Method INCLUDED
Daddy's Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age INCLUDED
The Need For Speed (Quick Start Video) INCLUDED
Done For You Texting INCLUDED
Doggystyle On The First Date INCLUDED
Boyfriend Assassin INCLUDED
Get Her H*rny With Humor INCLUDED

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“Even at my age (74) I’m getting more and more beautiful women approaching me and wanting to start a conversation. I can’t believe my luck!”


Your stuff is amazing! For someone so young, you are well read, have great insight and understanding of the female psychology and you put it across in such an entertaining way. I love reading it.

For an ancient old rogue like me, it’s still works and is brilliant.  Even at my great age of 74 I’m getting more and more beautiful women just approaching me and wanting to start a conversation. I can’t believe my luck it still happens, long may it continue!

Best wishes for the new year.

- John